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Student Discipline and Due Process

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Student Services
Date Adopted: 01-28-86
Date Reviewed:
Last Date Modified & Approved: 02-04-09

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees recognizes the need to both maintain student discipline and allow students the right to due process when discipline is in fact implemented. The Board of Trustees, therefore, authorizes the administration to establish procedures for implementing the policy for student discipline and due process, which follows:

I. The following are examples of some of the types of discipline which may be imposed upon students:

A. Expulsion--a permanent exclusion or removal from the College. Students who are expelled have no right to automatically re-enroll in the College and may resume attendance only upon the express consent of the trustees, or upon such terms as the trustees, or upon such terms as the trustees determine at the time of expulsion, or at the conclusion of a term affixed by the trustees at the time of expulsion. Expulsion will result in a withdrawal being given for all uncompleted course or academic work.

B. Suspension--a temporary exclusion from the College for a definite period of time; e.g., days, weeks, semesters, etc. A suspended student may re-enroll or resume attendance at the end of the term of suspension without prior approval of the trustees. In the event a student is suspended for ten (10) days or less, the student may make up any tests given during the period of suspension, but the student's grades will be determined in accordance with established departmental policies and course syllabi.

C. Administrative withdrawal--removal or dropping from a class or course--a student who is dropped or removed from a particular course or class may continue to attend other classes but may not resume attendance in the class from which he or she has been removed for the remainder of the semester in which removal occurs. In the event a student is removed from a class, he or she will be given either a withdrawal or a failure in accordance with established College policies.

D. Reduction of grade--a student's grade may be reduced for violation of academic rules established by each department of the College, or by rules established by each instructor in accordance with the instructor's course syllabus. Lake Michigan College Policy

E. Probation--probation may be imposed not to exceed one academic year and may include suspension of certain other privileges during the probationary period.

F. Censure or Reprimand--a student who is censured or reprimanded may continue to enjoy all privileges and rights as a student of the College, but is subject to further and more severe discipline in the event of further violations of College rules or policies.

II. A student who is expelled or suspended will not be permitted access to College property and may not participate in any College activities during the period of suspension or expulsion.

III. A student who is expelled, suspended or removed from a class or course will not be entitled to a refund, either in whole or in part, of any tuition.

Responsibility:Executive Dean, Student Services


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