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Teaching by Staff (Policy)

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Human Resources 
Date Adopted: 01-12-88 
Last Date Modified & Approved: 02-04-15; 06-27-17 
Date Reviewed: 06-07-17 

  1. All staff (non-faculty) teaching assignments regardless of time or circumstances, paid or non-paid, must follow the College’s standard teaching process and be approved each semester by the individual’s immediate supervisor, their Cabinet member, and the Vice President, Academic Services. 
  2. Qualified staff (non-faculty) in good standing may be assigned to teach courses only after full-time faculty base load requirements and preferred overload assignments are satisfied, and after qualified, part-time faculty are considered. At no time should an established part-time faculty in good standing be replaced by a staff member. 
  3. Qualified staff may volunteer to teach courses with no additional compensation. 
  4. No more than one (1) course per semester or term may be taught as a part of the regular work assignment. 
  5. Teaching during work, including the lunch hour will be considered part of the employee’s normal workload and will result in no additional compensation. 
  6. Qualified staff may teach a maximum of two sections/not to exceed six (6) contact hours per semester outside of their work, with the approval of their immediate supervisor, Cabinet member, and Vice President, Academic Services. Exceptions would be directed to Human Resources for consideration. 
  7. If a full-time employee’s teaching assignment interferes with job performance, the employee may be requested to end or modify such teaching assignment as a condition of continued employment by the College. 

Responsibility: Vice President, Administrative Services; Vice President, Academic Services 

References: (i.e. laws/regulations) 

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