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Tuition and Fee Approval

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Financial Services 
Date Adopted: 09-23-08 
Date Reviewed: 01-15-12, 05-04-17 
Last Date Modified & Approved: 01-15-12, 05-04-17 

Policy Statement

The Lake Michigan College (the College) Board of Trustees (the Board) holds the authority and the responsibility for establishing tuition and fees, in accordance with legislation passed by the Michigan Legislature. 

The President of the College will present recommended changes to tuition and fees to the College Board, who may approve, reject, or alter. 

The Board will set the effective semester, date, and fiscal years affected by any tuition increases at a public board meeting. 

All students enrolling in an affected semester will pay the new tuition and fee rates. 

Students that enrolled in an affected semester but who enrolled prior to the rate increase will have their tuition and fees adjusted to the new rates. 

Responsibility: Chief Financial Officer 

References: Section 389.123 Community College Act of 1966 

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