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Tuition and Refund (Policy)

Office of Origin: Student Affairs; Finance
Responsibility: Registrar; Business Office
Original Date Adopted: 10-24-08
Date Reviewed: 05-21-19; 03-08-22
Last Date Board Approved: 10-24-08, 04-26-22  

Lake Michigan College (LMC or the College) will refund 100% of a student’s tuition and fees if the:  

  1. College cancels a course or  
  2. Student drops the course before the published drop deadline; The drop deadline is located in the academic calendar.  

The College will not refund tuition and fees for courses dropped (withdrawn) after the drop deadline; the college does not issue partial refunds.

Students with extenuating circumstances may file a formal tuition appeal, the forms for which are available in the Records and Registration Office. 

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