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Vacation Donation (Policy)

Office of Origin:             Human Resources
Responsibility:              Executive Director, Human Resources
Original Date Adopted:        4-26-22
Dates Reviewed:            4-26-22
Last Date Board Approved:    4-26-22

Lake Michigan College (the College) permits vacation donation when:

  • an employee has exhausted all paid leave and 
  • an employee or their immediate family member has a serious medical condition that requires a prolonged absence from work or ongoing intermittent absences that are related to the same condition.

To be eligible to receive vacation donation, the employee must: 

  • be employed by the College and be outside the probationary period, if any,
  • be eligible to accrue vacation leave,
  • have exhausted all paid leave (i.e., vacation, sick, personal),
  • suffer from or have a family member that suffers from a serious medical condition. 

Employees are ineligible to apply for or receive vacation donation:

  • during a disciplinary suspension,
  • while on a Performance Improvement Plan, 
  • if receiving, or having applied to receive, Workers' Compensation benefits,
  • when the medical condition is covered by short- or long-term disability insurance, 
  • when an injury is incurred during the course of committing a felony, or
  • if they have previously abused any paid leave.

An application may be submitted 30 days before all paid leave is exhausted. An employee can apply once per fiscal year for up to 65 days per fiscal year and a maximum of 2 times while employed.

Human Resources (HR) will administer the vacation donation program. The final decision on the application for and distribution of donated vacation time rests with HR and is not be subject to any grievance procedure. HR will ensure that no decision will be made that conflicts with the College’s Non-Discrimination policy.


Donations by an employee to an employee who has an approved vacation donation request:

  • are limited to 40 hours of per fiscal year
  • must be donated in 8 hour increments
  • must be vacation leave only - sick and personal leave cannot be donated
  • can only be made within 90 days of HR’s approval of the donation request 

Employees who are paid with funding other than College funds (e.g., federally, state, or other grant funded) may not donate vacation but are eligible to receive vacation donations.

References: Vacation Donation procedure

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