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Board Expense Reimbursement (Procedure)

Responsibility: Senior Executive Assistant to the President
Office of Origin: Board of Trustees
Date Adopted: 01-26-88
Last Date Modified & Approved: 01-24-17, 6-04-2020

  1. All Board member reimbursements for expenses must be authorized by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Travel and other arrangements normally will be the responsibility of the College.
  3. An itemized expense report will be filed by each Trustee if authorized to be reimbursed.
  4. To be eligible for payment, expense report of Trustees must be approved by the Board Treasurer.
  5. To be eligible for payment, expense reports of the Chairperson must be approved by the Board Treasurer.
  6. The College President’s itemized expense report is to be approved by the Chairperson.

Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses of Trustees

  1. Transportation

    1. Reimbursement for mileage will be at the annual College rate and is to be calculated on the shortest distance between the Trustee’s official place of residence and his/her destination and return.
    2. While a personal car may be used for out-of-state trips, the cost of mileage will not exceed the cost of coach airfare. When this occurs, the individual can request reimbursement at the commercial rate in lieu of mileage. Any additional travel expenses incurred because of the selection of a slower conveyance shall be considered a personal expense.
    3. Reimbursement for airfare will be at coach fare.
    4. Should a Trustee plan to stop en route to or from a conference for personal business, any added costs will be borne by the individual.
    5. Personal mileage to and from airport and airport parking fees are reimbursable.
  2. Lodging

    1. If the Trustee prefers to stay at a hotel/motel other than that scheduled by the conference, reimbursement shall not exceed the regular rate of the conference hotel/motel.
    2. Should the Trustee’s spouse and/or children accompany him/her, reimbursement will be made at the single rate normally charged for the room. The single rate should be noted on the hotel/motel bill by the management at the time of checkout.
  3. Food

    1. Reimbursement for scheduled meal function, when paid for by the individual, shall be based on actual cost.

      Any exception to this allowance requires a special explanation and is subject to review by the approving officer.

  4. Entertainment

    Individual Trustees will, on occasion, need to invite a person to join him/her for a meal function in order to discuss College business. Costs associated with such a function will be reimbursed by the College. In addition to a receipt, a statement should accompany the request for reimbursement that indicates the name of the guest and a general statement as to the topic discussed.

  5. Miscellaneous

    1. If it is not reasonable to arrive on the day of the conference or to leave on the same day the conference ends, the Trustee shall be reimbursed for food and lodging for the night in advance, or for the night following the conference. Should a Trustee choose to travel as a personal preference on a pre-conference or post-conference basis, all added costs are to be considered a personal expense unless specifically approved by the Board in advance.
    2. Expense account information must be submitted to Finance for processing by ten (10) days time following the trip. The following receipts are to accompany the expense voucher:
      1. Transportation by airline, train or bus
      2. Lodging
      3. Conference or meeting registration
      4. Automobile rental
    3. Miscellaneous expenses, which are usually out-of-pocket, that are determined to be reasonable and necessary may be reimbursed. For example, shoe shines, liquor, tobacco and toiletries are not reasonable expenses. However, laundry may be reimbursed when the conference extends over five (5) days and cleaning is reimbursable, if as a result of an accident while traveling. The College will pay for local calls for official business. A reasonable number of long-distance calls home will be eligible for reimbursement.
    4. When incidental personal expenses are included on a lodging bill and the total bill is processed through the College for payment, the individual Trustee is responsible for reimbursing the College for personal expenses. No personal expense should be included on a College bill unless necessary to receive the service and direct payment is not possible (i.e., long-distance telephone calls, room service or valet service).
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