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Bodily Injury/Property Damage/Theft (Procedure)

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Administrative Services
Adopted: 02-15-03
Date Reviewed: 08-16-12
Last Date Modified & Approved: 08-16-12

INJURY - Not a Lake Michigan College Employee


If an individual that is not an employee of Lake Michigan College (the College) – such as a student, visitor, client – is injured on-campus, he/she should seek medical attention from a caregiver of his/her choice. The College does not, under most circumstances, pay the medical expenses of those injured while on-campus. Therefore, College employees witnessing/assisting an injured party should make no verbal commitment regarding insurance coverage. The injured individual should contact his/her hospital/medical insurance company, if any, and report the injury or claim in accordance with its procedures.

If the non-College employee has no hospital/medical insurance, or if charges are incurred that are not covered by the individual's insurance, a claim may be submitted for consideration by our insurance carrier. Accepting a claim for submission to the College’s insurance carrier does not constitute a promise, admission, expression or implication that the College or its insurer are in any way responsible for the injury or its resulting medical expenses. Once a claim is submitted, the injured party will be notified by the insurer when a determination has been made.

If you witness an injury

  1. Assure the safety and well-being of the injured individual.  
  2. If injury appears serious, call 911 for assistance.  
  3. Dial 6911 for internal emergency assistance (wheelchair, etc.) or 927-6911 if using a cell phone.
  4. If the injury is of a minor nature, direct or escort the individual to Facilities Management, Student Affairs, or any administrative office area in the Benton Harbor Main Building, or any administrative office at the Mendel Center, Niles Campus at Bertrand Crossing or South Haven Campus where a Claim/Incident Report must be completed.

    Note: The following offices/areas are open and have access to a telephone all hours the campus/building is open: Student Services Information Desk at Benton Harbor Main Building, Niles at Bertrand Crossing and South Haven administrative offices, and The Mendel Center academic classrooms/labs.

  5. If the injury is such that the injured party is unable to complete a Claim/Incident Report, complete a Claim/Incident Report form or gather the following information for completion later:
    • Name and address and telephone number of injured party
    • Exact location where injury occurred (e.g., Room A-302, staff parking lot, C-wing, 1st floor, east end stairwell)
    • Date and time
    • Witnesses (including phone numbers)
    • Description of how injury occurred (if at all possible, injured party complete and sign indicating a true and accurate description of what occurred)
    • Describe all actions taken (e.g., applied ice to ankle, called parent for transportation, etc.)
    • Include comments (e.g., offered ambulance transportation but was refused by injured party)
    • Note any special conditions (e.g., puddle of water in hallway, etc.)
      Again, make no verbal commitment regarding insurance coverage.
  6. The Claim/Incident Report must be forwarded to the Director, Public Safety. Adjunct faculty members may forward the Report to their administrative supervisor for handling.

INJURY - Employee


Workers' compensation insurance provides wage-loss benefits for disability, and medical benefits resulting from a work-related injury or disease, regardless of who may be at fault. These may include emergency room visits, office calls, prescriptions, laboratory tests, surgical care, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or other services generally recognized as reasonable and necessary as it relates to your particular injury. There is no co-pay for these services.

If you are injured while performing your job duties

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately.
  2. Seek medical attention as necessary.  
  3. Unless immediate care is needed, complete Employer's Basic Report of Injury form and send to Human Resources. Forms may be obtained from Human Resources, Facilities Management, or any administrative office in the Benton Harbor Main Building, or any administrative office at Mendel Center, Niles Campus Bertrand Crossing, or South Haven Campus. If immediate care is needed, submit the form within 48 hours of injury.
  4. Advise any medical providers that invoices must be mailed directly to Human Resources.
  5. If multiple invoices for the same medical bills are received, contact the Human Resources Manager as soon as possible, who will follow-up with the insurance carrier.
  6. Direct all questions to the College’s Human Resources Manager.

Incidents Involving Employees and Others

(Property damage, theft, disturbances, etc.)


The College maintains comprehensive general liability, comprehensive property, and motor vehicle physical damage coverage through membership in the Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority. The insurance deductible is set at $1,000 per incident.

Although some incidents/claims may not be eligible for insurance coverage or in fact may not be reportable to our insurer at all, ALL incidents involving property damage, theft, disturbances, etc., must be reported.

Again, make no verbal commitment regarding insurance coverage. Injuries or damage/theft of property for non-College employees, under most circumstances, are not covered under the College's insurance, but must be submitted to the individual's homeowner/automobile insurance carrier. Additionally, personal property of College employees is not covered under the College's insurance. Keeping personal property of significant value on campus is, therefore, strongly discouraged. Should an employee desire to keep personal property on campus, it is done so at the employee's risk.


  1. Notify the Executive Director of Facilities Management immediately, who will determine if the local police should be notified.
  2. Complete a Claim/Incident Report form; include any supporting documentation (e.g., police reports, estimates of damage/loss, photographs, etc.)  Claim/Incident Report forms are available from Facilities Management or any administrative office in the Benton Harbor Main Building, or any administrative office at Mendel Center, Niles Campus at Bertrand Crossing, or South Haven Campus.
  3. Forward the Claim/Incident Report to the Director Public Safety. Adjunct faculty members may forward the Report to their administrative supervisor for handling.  
  4. Contact Purchasing & Support Services for assistance in determining if the cost of the replacement or repair of the equipment will be paid by the College's insurance.
  5. Any requisition for replacement/repair must bear the department’s org and account numbers. When the College is reimbursed by the insurance company, replacement or repair expenses, less the deductible, will be credited back to the department.

Responsibility: Director, Public Safety



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