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Bernard C. Radde Distinguished Service Award: Jim Krzyzewski

Jim Krzyzewski received the Bernard C. Radde Distinguished Service Award in 2005.

Jim Krzyzewski, president and CEO of Nyloncraft, Inc. in Mishawaka, Indiana, was a leader in the effort that raised $2.5 million for the construction of the Bertrand Crossing Campus. During that campaign, his company contributed a leadership gift and Krzyzewski personally met with many other business leaders to encourage their support of the campus.

Since the Bertrand Crossing Campus opened, Jim has been involved in the development and growth of the College’s Plastics program. His company has been active on the College’s Plastics program advisory committee for the past five years. 

An incentive program developed at Nyloncraft further evidences his understanding of the value of a trained workforce. Nyloncraft employees are encouraged to pursue their education in the field of plastics through company-paid tuition reimbursement as well as $10,000 additional salary upon completion of their associate’s degree at LMC. 

Jim was a member of the Lake Michigan College Foundation board since 1997, and was a past president.

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