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Clarence Beckwith Distinguished Alumni Award: William Remus

Dr. William E. Remus work has appeared in Management Science, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and International Journal of Forecasting. A 1996 citation analysis of the research on Decision Support ranks him sixth in the world in his contribution to research in cognitive factors, and tenth in the world in research on interface design. His work has been described in the Wall Street Journal and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

William got his collegiate start at LMC after graduating from St. Joseph High School. He earned an associate’s degree in 1964 and moved on to the University of Michigan, earning dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Science Engineering; the University of California at Santa Barbara, earning a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering; and finally Michigan State University, earning a Masters in Business Administration degree and a Ph.D. in  Business.

He says of LMC, “I found the education at LMC to be very good, and it prepared me well for University of Michigan. I probably could not have afforded to go for a  complete undergraduate program at University of Michigan, so LMC made that possible.”

The Clarence Beckwith Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to William Remus in 2010.

Black and white image of William Remus.

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