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Alumni Service Award: Diane Curry

Diane Curry chose LMC twice in her life. She entered LMC after high school to work on her prerequisites and prepare herself for a four-year college. Then 10 years later, she came back to LMC to reshape her professional life to embark on a new career in education. Her time at LMC set the stage for her professional life and helped her to achieve her real passion in life, working with children with disabilities.

After attending LMC, Diane went to Central Michigan University and studied personnel management. Diane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in special education from Indiana University South Bend in 2002, then received her Master in the Art of Teaching from Mary Grove College in Detroit in 2004.

Diane started her career as a special education teacher in the elementary schools for Niles Community Schools. She then worked for Berrien RESA as a teacher consultant, also serving as an external Michigan Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative coach-trainer and external student achievement framework process coach. Her current position is the principal and special education director for Niles Community Schools-Southside where she manages the special education department and oversees the Southside staff.

Diane Curry received the Alumni Service Award in 2012.

Photo of Diane Curry.

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