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Strong bodies, strong minds at The Lake

Do you come up with fun activities for kids to play at family gatherings? Or are you the one who is good at cheering up the kid who gets left out? Did your high school friends ask you for help with homework because they knew you’d be good at explaining it? Or did you really struggle in school and think you could make it easier for others? Lots of different of people succeed in the field of education. Some are great at engaging kids in learning, with extroverts with endless smiles and energy. Others are introverts who really good at understanding how kids feel and bringing out their best. Some have known since they were teaching their teddy bears that a career in education was for them, others experience a quieter call to the profession later on.

Whether you want to pursue a certificate or a two-year degree and work in a daycare setting, or as a teacher’s assistant, or you are headed for a bachelor’s degree and classroom of your own, LMC is a great place to start. At first, you’ll spend time developing yourself by taking core classes in English, math, social studies and science. Then you’ll dive into current research and theories on child development, and learn practical skills like how to setup a classroom and plan lessons. You’ll have an opportunity to get hands-on experience and gain confidence through several field placements where you’ll working in local schools and daycare environments. This will give you a chance to develop relationships with employers in the field, and decide what age children you enjoy most

Sarai Ramos in a classroom working with children

Sarai Ramos started working at a daycare in high school and fell in love with the idea of working with children for a career. LMC was her first choice for starting her educational journey since her sister graduated from LMC. Sarai says she is still grateful that she chose the familiar environment at LMC over going straight to a four-year institution.

Sarai Ramos, LMC Alumna

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March 15, 2018

More financial help is available to LMC students, thanks to four new scholarship donations through the Lake Michigan College Foundation.

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