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Humanities + Social Sciences

Why study humanities and social sciences at LMC?

Have the arts always been the way to your heart? Do you like learning why people do what they do and act the way they act? Then you’ll love studying humanities and social sciences at LMC. If you’re still not sure what you want to be when you grow up, this is a great area of study. In the humanities, you’ll study subjects like English, foreign languages, history and philosophy. These courses might feel kind of like your favorite high school classes, but kicked up a notch. The social sciences cover areas like criminal justice, political science and psychology – getting you ready for careers helping and handling people.

Say “I don’t know” – on purpose. When people asked you after graduation, “What’s next?” did you shrug your shoulders? That’s ok – studying humanities and social sciences at LMC is a great way to find what fits your future.

Keep your high school notes. Maybe your favorite high school homework involved reading about the past, the present and the future. Programs like English, history and philosophy make great foundations for a transition from high school to a four-year university.

Find out what makes people tick. Are you always curious why people do what they do and think the way they think? Studying criminal justice, political science or psychology gives you a glimpse into the human mind and gets you ready for careers in law, politics, social work and more.

Be ready for anything. Studying the humanities and social science at LMC gives you a great base to transfer to a four-year university. But, it also gives you the ability to think critically and analyze information – a key skill in any career you may choose.

Humanities + Social Sciences News

September 14, 2018

Lake Michigan College is hosting a series of election-year events for its new LMC Votes! initiative. 

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Lake Michigan College is offering a new Campaigns and Elections course this fall for students who want to get involved in the political process. 

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