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Lab at the Hanson Technology Center

Machine Tool Technology Associate in Applied Science

You're a maker.

When you complete the 60-credit Machine Tool Technology program, you may apply for an Associate in Applied Science degree.

General Education Credit Hours
English 101, English Composition 3
English 102, English Composition, or English 103, Technical Writing, or Communication 101, Introduction to Public Speaking 3
Humanities/Fine Arts 3
Mathematics 100, Applied Mathematics, or Mathematics 122, Intermediate Algebra, or Mathematics 123, Quantitative Reasoning 4
Physics 110, Technical Physics 4
Social Sciences 3


Major Requirements Credit Hours
*Engineering 113, Engineering Design & Graphics 4
*Machine Tool Technology 110, Machine Tool I 3
*Machine Tool Technology 120, Machine Tool II 3
*Machine Tool Technology 130, Precision Inspection 3
*Machine Tool Technology 140, Introduction to Numerical Control (NC) Computer Numerical Control (CNC) 2
*Machine Tool Technology 150, Introduction to CAM 2
Machine Tool Technology 241, CNC Programming I 2
Machine Tool Technology 242, CNC Programming II 2
*Manufacturing Technology 111, Manufacturing Processes I 3
Manufacturing Technology 122, Introduction to Robotics 2
*Mathematics 110, Technical Mathematics I, or Mathematics 130, Pre-Calculus Trigonometry, or Mathematics 135, Precalculus Algebra/Trig 3
*Trade Related Instruction 134, Metallurgy and Heat Treatment 3
*Trade Related Instruction 144, Blueprint Reading & Sketching 4
Welding 101, Fabrication I 2
*Welding 103, Gas Metal Arc Welding I, or Welding 202, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 2

* Classes required for Advanced Certificate program


Employment for machinists and tool and die makers is expected to remain stable.

National median annual wage machinists and tool and die makers (2016): $43,160 ​​​​​​*

National job growth projections by 2026: 1%*

*Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook,

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