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Cast members performing Caroline or Change.

Wave Awards

Lake Michigan College is excited to announce the Wave Awards, which honor the musical theatre work of high school students and educators throughout Southwest Michigan.


Loosely designed after Broadway’s famed Tony Awards, the Wave Awards is meant to recognize, encourage and promote excellence in high school musical theatre.

This annual event also is meant to be a valuable educational opportunity by providing written feedback to students and production staff from highly qualified arts professionals, additional performance opportunities to the nominated casts, scholarship opportunities, a sense of belonging and value in the local arts community, and highly visible public recognition for a job well done.

How It Works

This free awards process is open to all high schools throughout Southwest Michigan. Schools interested in participating should fill out the Wave Award Application. The Evaluation Committee, consisting of professional actors, vocal musicians, directors, designers and choreographers will send four evaluators to assess each production. Schools will need to provide LMC with 6 tickets – two for each of the two to four adjudicators – to see the production. There is no other entry fee for participation.


The purpose of any kind of assessment is to promote personal development and growth. Our evaluators have a rubric of criteria that includes numerical scoring and written commentary, but, most importantly, are aware of what cannot be assessed. For example, our evaluators cannot assess any of the following intrinsic benefits of theatre:

  • A stronger sense of self and an increased level of confidence
  • A deeper understanding of the importance of “a team effort”
  • An appreciation for and an improved work ethic
  • The joyous feeling of accomplishment
  • A better understanding of theatre and the arts
  • The gift of lifetime memories and deepened friendships made

We extend our appreciation and accolades to those who have given of themselves so that everyone can reap these profound rewards.


Nominations will be announced in categories similar to Broadway’s Tony Awards, and on May 18, we will present the first Wave Awards ceremony at Lake Michigan College’s Mendel Center Mainstage.

The event will include musical production numbers by the schools nominated for Overall Outstanding Musical.

We are enthusiastic about the ever-growing community of arts advocates and supporters that will contribute to this gala event.

For more information, please email LMC Visual & Performing Arts Chair Kristopher Zook or call him at (269) 927-6588.


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