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Footsteps in the sand leading up to the water

Philosophy Associate in Arts

Footsteps in the sand leading up to the water

Philosophy Associate in Arts

You may complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree. Competency in a foreign language is not a degree requirement. However, Philosophy majors are strongly urged to complete at least two semesters of French, German, or Spanish. As a Philosophy major, you should seek a broad-based education through careful selection of courses. Consult the faculty advisor for specific guidance.

General Education Requirements Credit Hours
English 101, English Composition 3
English 102, English Composition, or
Communication 101, Introduction to Public Speaking
*Humanities/Fine Arts 6
Mathematics 4
*Natural Sciences 8
Social Sciences 6


Major Requirements Credit Hours
Requires at least 15 credits in Philosophy (PHIL) or approved course of study*** 15
General Electives 15


Philosophy classes offered at LMC Credit Hours
Philosophy 101, Introduction to Philosophy 3
Philosophy 102, Introduction to Logic 3
Philosophy 215, Introduction to Religious Thought 3
Philosophy 250, Sophomore Seminar in Philosophy 3

*From at least two academic disciplines. 

***An approved course of study can be developed with an advisor to align with a specific transfer school or career need. 


*From at least two academic disciplines. **Credit hours listed are based on minimum earned. For example, MATH courses have 3, 4, or 5 credits. Please see catalog for courses that have Honors equivalents and meet Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) transfer guidelines. Completion of the MTA requires 30 credits of coursework in the 5 MTA distribution areas. 

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, you should become familiar with your chosen school’s requirements. See your Academic Advisor for assistance in developing your Student Education Plan (SEP) or visit

Social Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts, & Educ Dept Chair and Faculty

Education: Western Michigan University Ph.D. Behavioral Science M.A.

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