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Bottles of Lake Michigan Vintners wine.

Wine and Viticulture Technology Associate in Applied Science

Why study wine and viticulture technology at LMC?

  • Two enologists working with stainless steel distilling equipment.Viticulturists and vineyard managers
  • Winemakers and enologists
  • Tasting room managers and event coordinators
  • Equipment sales, barrels sales, and other suppliers
  • Equipment manufacturing and metal fabrication
  • Bulk wine sales and brokering
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Wine distribution and sales

General Education Requirements Credit Hours
Chemistry 104, Fundamentals of General, Organic & Biochemistry, or
Chemistry 111, General Chemistry
English 101, English Composition 3
English 102, English Composition, or
English 103, Technical Writing, or
Communication 101, Introduction to Public Speaking
Humanities/Fine Arts 3
Mathematics 123, Quantitative Reasoning or
Mathematics 122, Intermediate Algebra
Social Sciences 3


Major Requirements Credit Hours
Biology 120, Plant Biology 4
Enology 101, Winemaking and Fermentation 3
Enology 105, Wines of the World I 1
Enology 106, Wines of the World II 1
Enology 111, Winery Hospitality Co-Op 2
Enology 190, Enology Co-Op I 3
Enology 191, Enology Co-Op II 2
Enology 210, Wine Analysis and Quality Control 4
Enology 290, Enology Co-Op III 4
Viticulture 110, Establishing a Vineyard 3
Viticulture 120, Maintaining a Vineyard 3
Viticulture 130, Wine Business Feasibility 3
Viticulture 202, Legal Aspects of Vineyard and Winery Operations 3
Viticulture 220, Vineyard Diseases and Insects 3
Viticulture 291, Viticulture Co-Op 3



If you already have a college degree or college credits, you may be able to earn your Associate in Applied Science in Wine & Viticulture Technology in one year (three semesters), plus a capstone fall co-op, which can be at any winery in the world. The full two-year track course sequence includes general education courses.

Fall First Year

Course Credit Hours
ENOL 101 Winemaking and Fermentation 3
CHEM 104 or CHEM 111 Chemistry 4
ENOL 190 Enology Co-op I 3
VITI 130 Wine Business Feasibility 3
VITI 202 Legal Aspects of Vineyard and Winery Operations 3

Spring First Year

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 120 Plant Biology 4
ENOL 191 Enology Co-Op II 2
VITI 110 Establishing a Vineyard 3
ENOL 105 Wines of the World I 1
ENOL 210 Wine Analysis and Quality Control 4


Summer First Year

Course Credit Hours
VITI 220 Vineyard Diseases & Insects 3
VITI 291 Viticulture Co-op 3
ENOL 111 Winery Hospitality Co-Op I 2
VITI 120 Maintaining a Vineyard 3
ENOL 106 Wines of the World II 1


Fall Second Year

Course Credit Hours
ENOL 290 Enology Co-op III 4



Lake Michigan Vintners LogoLake Michigan Vintners is the Midwest's first and only teaching winery and tasting room. LM Vintners works in partnership with Lake Michigan College to provide students with practical, hands-on experience in every aspect of winemaking and vineyard management. Visit the Lake Michigan Vintners website to learn more and plan a trip to the LMV tasting room in the Welch Center on LMC's Benton Harbor Campus.

Modern metal building with a sign that reads Welch Center.


Interior of the tasting room with a cozy table in the foreground and a door to a bright exterior deck in the background.

Director, Winery & Viticulture

My undergraduate degree was earned at Grand Valley State University, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Cellular an

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Manager, Welch Center

Education: Graduate of Southwestern Michigan College in Visual Arts and graduate of Lake Michigan College in Enology and V

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