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The official quarterly newsletter
of Lake Michigan College
Spring 2019

Video series documents two student's LMC journey

What's life like at Lake Michigan College? Uriah Baker '20 and Paige Harvey '19 are two LMC students who have explored just that in an 11-episode vlog called #LMCJourney. Shot and edited by LMC's Coordinator, Multimedia Marketing Caroline Robinson and assisted by Marketing work-study Sophia Weidner, Uriah and Paige started work on the series in early February. In addition to the 11 episodes were countless teasers through February, March, and April ending the series with LMC's May Commencement where Uriah cheered for Paige as she walked across the stage.

Uriah and Paige took us on a journey to see LMC's Performing Arts Department's production of "Sister Act," the Red Hawks women's basketball regional championship run, student life activities, a 360-degree tour of Beckwith Hall. They also got creative in LMC's Fab Lab, made chocolate at the teaching kitchen, used the virtual reality lab, and more! The entire series is on LMC's YouTube page. Even though this particular series is over, the #LMCjourney doesn't end here. Stay tuned.

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