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Admissions Office

Whether you're an Early College student, a recent high school graduate or you're just starting or returning to college after a break, the friendly folks at the Admissions office will guide you through the admissions process. Below is helpful information about admissions.

Ready to apply to Lake Michigan College? Find out how to become a student.

Admissions Policy

Lake Michigan College offers an “open door” admissions policy for individuals who are interested in and capable of benefiting from the post-secondary experience. Any person can apply for admission to Lake Michigan College who is:

1. A high school graduate or GED recipient, or

2. Eighteen years of age or older.

Read the full policy.

Admissions Status

Your admissions status helps us identify what type of student you are so that we can better serve you and meet your unique needs. Find out more information below.

If you have never attended a college or college, if you were in LMC's Early College program, or if you are a recent high school graduate, you're considered a new student. Will you seek a degree or certificate from LMC? If so, apply to Lake Michigan College. It's free to apply and takes just a few minutes.

If you want to take classes for personal interest, you should also apply to Lake Michigan College and then register for classes.

Learn more about the different types of students at Lake Michigan College and which type of student best describes you.

If you are in LMC's Early/Middle College program, you are an Early College student. Early College students take LMC courses at their high school or tech center, or at an LMC campus. 

If you are interested in the Early/Middle College program, please talk with your counselor or the LMC Admissions team. If you are a homeschool student, please contact the LMC Admissions department at (269) 927-8626.

Learn more about LMC's Early College program.

Continuing students are those who have enrolled in classes any time within four consecutive semesters, not counting summer term. As a continuing student, you may register for classes without reapplying to LMC. Your student account must be in good standing and other obligations must be met to be a continuing student.

If you have not been enrolled for four semesters in a row, you are a returning student. 

If you have been away from college and want to take a few classes to enhance job skills, you're also considered a returning student.

Contact Records and Registration at (269) 927-8107 to see if you need to apply to Lake Michigan College.

Lake Michigan College is recognized as a gold-level institution by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.  Gold-level colleges provide the highest number of veteran-friendly services

Learn how to use veterans' benefits as a Lake Michigan College student.

LMC is a source of education, a cultural center, a regional economic partner and a leader in diversity and innovation. International students enjoy special assistance from the International Students Office.

Learn about how to become an international student at Lake Michigan College.

If you have attended a college, university or trade school and plan to apply to Lake Michigan College for the first time, you are considered a transfer student. Learn how to become a student at Lake Michigan College. 

College students who are taking courses somewhere else are welcome to become guest students at Lake Michigan College. Guest students should start the enrollment process at their home college to make sure the courses they take at LMC will transfer to their home school.

A guest student who previously LMC as degree/certificate-seeking will be readmitted under guest student status. A guest student who wishes to be admitted as a degree/certificate-seeking student must apply to Lake Michigan College. Guest students are not eligible for financial aid benefits at LMC.

Learn more about how to become a guest student at Lake Michigan College.

Students Convicted of a Felony or a Crime Requiring Listing on the Sex Offender Registry

If you have a criminal record and must be listed on the sex offender registry, you will need to meet with the Admission Review Panel to be approved for admission to the college.

The college will place a hold on your student account. Once you are approved for admission, the hold will be removed, and you may register for classes.This applies to all students.

Admission Review Panel

The Admission Review Process is to review and make admission decisions related to applicants or enrolled students who are:
- On the sex offender registry, 
- Convicted of a felony, or 
- Seeking to return to the college after a suspension or dismissal. 

Contact the Office of the Vice-President, Student Engagement and Support at (269) 927-8147 to begin the review process.

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