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Amnesty of Semester - Policy

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Registrar
Date Adopted: 04-26-88
Date Reviewed: 11-19-08
Last Date Modified & Approved: 04-01-11, 9-18-18, 12-4-2018

Amnesty of a Semester is the removal from consideration for student grade point average, program completion and graduation, all academic classes and the grades received for such classes during the college semester(s) for which amnesty is granted. Amnesty of a Semester, if granted, applies only to Lake Michigan College; there is no guarantee expressed or implied that Amnesty of a Semester will be recognized by any other institution.

  1. Any student who has been enrolled in academic classes may apply for Amnesty of a Semester. 

  2. Amnesty of a Semester may be requested for one of the following:

    1. A maximum of the first eighteen (18) semester hours of credit earned or failed during the first two (2) consecutive semesters of attendance at Lake Michigan College (may not use partial semester)
    2. Any single semester of enrollment at Lake Michigan College totaling not more than 18 credit hours.
  3. A minimum of one calendar year must elapse between the semester(s) being considered for Amnesty of a Semester and the granting of the request.

  4. Amnesty of Semester will not be granted for a partial semester(s) 

  5. If granted, shall apply to all credits taken in the semester(s) for which Amnesty is granted, regardless of the grade received.

  6. Amnesty of a Semester if granted, results in none of the affected coursework being counted for admission to restricted programs, graduation, and/or meeting program requirements at Lake Michigan College.

  7. Amnesty of a Semester does NOT remove any course/grade at Lake Michigan College, which would normally be on a transcript, from the academic transcript. Any semester(s) for which Amnesty is granted shall be so identified on the transcript.

  8. A student may be granted Amnesty of a Semester only once at Lake Michigan College.

  9. Amnesty of a Semester is final and cannot be revoked or rescinded by the College or the student.

  10. This policy does not supersede the Course Repeat Policy

Responsibility: Vice President, Student Engagement and Support 

References:  Course Repeat Policy

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