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Course Repeat (Policy)

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs and Student Affairs
Responsibility: Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Registrar
Date Adopted: 01-27-09
Date Reviewed: 11-05-08, 7-10-18, 07-19-23
Last Date Modified & Approved: 09-25-18, 07-1923(c)

Courses in the Lake Michigan College (LMC or the College) catalog may be retaken up to three (3) times. Re-takes include completions, failures, and withdrawals.

All course grades appear on the student’s transcript, but only the highest grade earned is used for calculation of the grade point average (GPA), to compute honor points, and to fulfill requirements for graduation, unless noted as a course that is eligible for additional credit. Transfer grades cannot be used as a repeat to recalculate a student’s GPA.

Financial aid cannot be used to pay for more than one repeat of a course previously passed (D- or higher) unless the course is eligible for additional credit.

Course repeats may be prohibited for some Health Science programs.

References: Grade Assignment & Grade Point Average (GPA) Policy

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