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Grade Assignment and Grade Point Average (GPA)

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs & Student Engagement and Support
Date Adopted:
Last Date Modified & Approved: 09-22-09 05-15-18 06-26-18

The following applies to all academic credit course offerings at Lake Michigan College.

Final Grades

Students who have completed all course requirements as defined by the instructor will be issued grades of A, B, C, D, or E. For courses under 100 level (transitional courses), the grade will be followed by a period (A. B. C. D. E.) and will indicate the grade is not included in the Grade Point Average (GPA). Final grades are posted to the student’s official transcript of record as submitted by the instructor.

Students with extenuating circumstances which create the need to complete the course requirements after the semester has ended should consult with their instructor, who may submit a grade of “I” (Incomplete) if, by determination of the instructor, the student’s work is sufficient in quantity and quality. The student may then complete and submit assignments as agreed with the instructor, but the “I” (Incomplete) grade must be changed by the instructor, no later than the last day of classes the following semester, or it will default to a grade of “E” (failing). An “I” is computed in the GPA as an “E” and may affect financial aid eligibility. An “I” grade can be extended at the discretion of the instructor.

An “IP” (In Progress) grade may be assigned to students who are enrolled in open entry/open exit (OE/OE) classes and have not completed their assigned work at the end of the semester in which they are enrolled and their work is sufficient in quality. The assignment of an “IP” grade will be determined by the instructor. Work must be completed by the end of the following semester. At the completion of the course work within the allotted time, the instructor must submit a change of the “IP” grade to the grade earned. An “IP” grade will not be computed in the student’s GPA.

All other grade changes must be made within one semester of their issuance.

See Registration Policy for information regarding Withdrawals (“W” grade).

Mid Term Grades

Mid-term grades do not affect the GPA and are not posted to the student’s official transcript of record.

Mid-term grades are used to help faculty, staff, and students track student progress and success in each class, as well as allow efficiency in Financial Aid processing decisions.  Student accounts will be reviewed upon mid-term grade submission and the Financial Aid Office and Academic Advising staff will be notified of failing grades, withdrawals, or otherwise insufficient grades.

Reporting and Availability of Grades

Mid-term grades are submitted on the Monday of the mid-point of each part of term.  Specific dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.  Final grades are submitted on the Tuesday following the end of the full term.  Specific dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

All grades are submitted via WaveLink by the instructor of record for the class.  Exceptions are made only in extreme situation such as the hospitalization or death of the instructor, in which case the Registrar may collect and enter the grades, and document the exception.

Grades are available to students through WaveLink beginning the Thursday after the end of the full term.  Specific dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.   

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade point averages (GPA) is used to determine a student’s academic standing, financial aid eligibility (including grants, loans, and scholarships), eligibility for graduation, dean’s list and other academic awards, second-admit program entrance, and often for transfer to a four-year university or further study.

GPA Calculation

Letter grades are assigned a point value as follows A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0.  Cumulative grade point average is calculated by multiplying the point value of each grade by the credit value of the course, adding the total number of points earned, and then dividing by the total number of credits.  For information regarding how repeated courses affect the calculation of the cumulative GPA refer to the Course Repeat Policy.

Responsibility: Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs; Vice President, Student Engagement and Support

References: Course Repeat Policy

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