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Tuition Waiver - Employees (Policy)

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Responsibility: Executive Director, Human Resources
Original Date Adopted: 8-26-86
Dates Reviewed: 7-10-18, 1-5-22(C), 9-25-23(C)
Last Date Board Approved: 12-5-23

Employees of Lake Michigan College (the College) are encouraged to further their education and training at the College through the tuition waiver program.

A waiver of tuition charges will be applied to an employee’s account first before other financial aid, grants, or scholarships. Although tuition is waived by the College for employees, the employee is responsible for a “waiver fee” and course fees, as well as textbooks and course support materials.

All employees are eligible for this benefit, along with the employee spouse and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) eligible dependents, as follows:

  • Full-time employees are eligible for waiver of 100% of tuition (fees still apply.)
  • Regularly-scheduled part-time employees are eligible for waiver of 50% of tuition (fees still apply.)
  • Part-time faculty are eligible for tuition waiver on a prorated basis: one contact hour will be waived for each contact hour taught (fees still apply.)

Eligibility begins following completion of a part-time faculty’s class, may be accrued up to a max of 45 contact hours, and must be used within 3 years of accrual of being earned. (Fees still apply.) With the permission of the supervisor, non-Facilities employees may take one class during the workday. For Facilities employees, see the Facilities contract for provisions.

References: Facilities Management Contract, Faculty Contract, LMC Shared Services with Contractors & On-Campus Partners policy

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