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Transfer Information

Michigan Transfer Agreement
The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) has replaced the MACRAO Agreement since the beginning of Fall Semester 2014 and facilitates the transfer of students from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities in Michigan.

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NOTE: Students who have enrolled at LMC prior to Fall Semester 2014 may complete the MACRAO endorsement; students who enrolled Fall Semester 2014, or later, will not be eligible for MACRAO and should pursue the MTA instead. 

MTA is viewable in Wavelink. Log in to Wavelink and select Pre-Graduation Audit (Degree Works) to see if you meet MTA or MACRAO requirements.

If you do not see MTA or MACRAO notations in Degree Works, contact the Records office to request the MTA notation to be added.

For assistance and information about transfer, contact Advising or make an Advising appointment at (269) 927-8128. 

Lake Michigan College has the following transfer articulation agreements in place with the universities listed below.

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