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History Associate in Arts

Learn from the past

Live in the past. History is a pretty general term – which means you get a great intro into the field. Classes cover everything from American history to western civilization to Asian history and more. 

Back to your future. Studying history opens doors in a variety of fields like teaching, government, law and more. You learn to find accurate information and analyze it, thinking critically about the world around you. 

Move forward and make history. An associate degree in history truly stands the test of time. No matter which field you choose, you’ll have a great foundation to continue to a four-year college. 

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, you should become familiar with your chosen school’s requirements. See your Academic Advisor for assistance in developing your Student Education Plan (SEP) or visit

General Education Requirements Credit Hours
English 101, English Composition 3
English 102, English Composition, or
Communication 101, Introduction to Public Speaking
*Humanities/Fine Arts 6
Mathematics 4
*Natural Sciences 8
Social Sciences 6


Major Requirements Credit Hours
Requires at least 15 credits in HIST or approved course of study*** 15
General Electives 15



History classes offered at LMC Credit Hours
The following History classes are offered at LMC:  
History 101, History of Western Civilization 4
History 102, History of Western Civilization 4
History 201, American History to 1865 3
History 202, American History 1865 to Present 3
History 204, Modern East Asia 3
History 205, African American History 3
History 209, Women in the Western World 3
History 120, The Civil War and Reconstruction 3


*From at least two academic disciplines. **Credit hours listed are based on minimum earned. For example, Mathematics courses have 3, 4 or 5 credits.

Faculty, History

Dr. Paine has been teaching history at LMC since August 2002. He received a B. A. and M. A.

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