Wine & Viticulture Technology

Wine making is serious business in Michigan. With 107 wineries and a $300 million economic impact, this growing industry is ripe to provide long and fruitful careers.

As the region’s first and only commercial teaching winery, we turned to local employers to tell us what students need to know to succeed. As a result, our curriculum will teach you everything from growing grapes through sales, marketing, and distribution. Though viticulture requires a lot of science and you’ll definitely need to hit the books, you’ll spend lots of time working hands-on in our commercial-sized facility and at local wineries. That means you’ll already know and have proven yourself to local employers when it’s time to look for a job! If you love agriculture and science and want to contribute to Michigan’s growing reputation as one of the nation’s hottest wine destinations, an Associate in Applied Science in Wine and Viticulture Technology might be for you!

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Lake Michigan Vintners

Lake Michigan Vintners (LMV) is the Midwest's only commercial teaching winery. Lake Michigan College works in collaboration with LMV to provide hands on experience in every aspect of winemaking and vineyard management.

Lake Michigan Vintners Winery Tasting Room
8972 First St. in downtown Baroda, Michigan

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Wine & Viticulture Technology


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Instructor:  Michael Moyer   (269) 927-8617
Instructor:   Michael deSchaaf
Instructor:   Jessican Beachy   (269) 927-8878
Admissions:   Charmae Sanders   (269) 927-6908
Advising:   Kate Attila-Hyska   (269) 927-6569
Brand Manager:   Laura Morris   (269) 927-4731