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Two students in class using an X-Ray machine

Radiologic Technology Associate in Applied Science

There are special admission requirements for the Radiologic Technology program. Acceptance into this program is competitive and based on a point system. Applicants are awarded points based on grades earned in program specific prerequisite coursework. All accepted students are required to pass a criminal background check and drug screen prior to admission into the program. Contact Academic Advising at ext. 8128 for an academic advising appointment or the Health Sciences office at ext. 8768 for complete details. An advisor will help you determine prerequisites that are required and designed to prepare you for training in the program.

Application deadline for fall 2019 is May 12, 2019. Download important program documents using the links below:

This program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.

Program Mission Statement and Goals

The Radiologic Technology Program of Lake Michigan College will provide for both the personal and professional career development of each student in the field of radiography. The Radiologic Technology Program goals are:

  1. The students will demonstrate entry-level knowledge and expertise in the field of clinical radiography.
  2. Students will grow and develop professionally.
  3. Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  4. Students will demonstrate appropriate communication skills.
  5. Graduates will be employable and meet the needs of the health care community.

The Radiologic Technology Program is committed to providing a sound academic and professional course of study that meets the requirements for qualified radiographers and the requirements of Lake Michigan College for an Associate in Applied Science degree as listed on page 100 of the Lake Michigan College Catalog, 2016-2018. The Radiologic Technology Program provides a sound base of clinical courses and practice along with complimentary supportive course work from the sciences and general education. 

The Radiologic Technology Program follows the accreditation policies for Radiologic Technology Education as set forth by the JRCERT (Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology). The JRCERT address is 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, Illinois, 60606-3182. Standards for accreditation and annual program effectiveness information may be accessed at The email address is

Program Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate of Lake Michigan College’s Radiologic Technology Program will be prepared for an entry-level position as a radiographer and shall be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, positioning and radiographic techniques to accurately demonstrate anatomical structures on a radiograph.
  2. Determine exposure factors to achieve optimum radiographic technique with minimum radiation exposure to the patient.
  3. Evaluate radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality.
  4. Apply the principles of radiation protection for the patient, self and others.
  5. Recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate life-saving first aid and basic life-support procedures.
  6. Evaluate the performance of radiologic systems, know the safe limits of equipment operation and report malfunctions to the proper authority.
  7. Participate in radiologic quality assurance programs.
  8. Provide care and comfort in regard to the holistic health of the patient, self and others.
  9. Provide patient education related to radiologic procedures and radiation protection/safety.

Graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) national certification examination. Any applicant who has been convicted of a felony and some misdemeanors should pre-apply to ARRT for determination of eligibility to sit for the national certification examination.

Upon successful completion of the Radiologic Technology program, you may apply for an Associate in Applied Science degree.

General Education Requirements Credit Hours
+Biology 101, Biological Science, or Biology 110, Human Anatomy & Physiology, or Biology 111, Principles of Biology I, or Biology 112, Principles of Biology II 4
+English 101, English Composition 3
+English 102, English Composition 3
+Humanities/Fine Arts 3
+Mathematics 123, Quantitative Reasoning 4
+Psychology 201, Introduction to Psychology 3


Major Requirements Credit Hours
+Biology 205, Human Anatomy 4
+Physical Science 101, Physical Science: Chemistry and Physics 4
Radiologic Technology 130, Introduction to Radiography 3
Radiologic Technology 131, Radiographic Positioning I 6
Radiologic Technology 134, Radiographic Physics 4
Radiologic Technology 138, Clinical Experience I 2
Radiologic Technology 139, Common Equipment and Procedures 4
Radiologic Technology 140, Radiographic Positioning II 3
 Radiologic Technology 141, Contract Studies 3
Radiologic Technology 143, Clinical Experience II 3
Radiologic Technology 144, Radiographic Positioning III 3
Radiologic Technology 145, Radiographic Protection and Biology 2
Radiologic Technology 228, Computer Applications in Medical Imaging 3
Radiologic Technology 229, Clinical Experience III 4
Radiologic Technology 232, Clinical Experience IV 3
Radiologic Technology 240, Radiographic Quality 4
Radiologic Technology 241, Sectional Anatomy 3
+Reading 110, Medical Terminology, or Health 103, Medical Terminology 1


+Must be completed BEFORE admittance into the program 

Five-year average credentialing examination (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) pass rate of not less than 75 percent at first attempt and within six months of graduation.

Year Percent Passing on 1st Attempt Number of Students
2013 100% 15 of 15 students pass on first attempt
2014 82% 9 of 11 students pass on first attempt
2015 82% 14 of 17 students pass on first attempt
2016 88%

14 of 16 passed on first attempt within 6 months

15 of 17 students pass on first attempt within 12 months

2017 92% 11 of 12 passed on first attempt within 6 months
5 year average 88%  

Five-year average job placement rate of not less than 75 percent within six months of graduation.

Year Percent Job Placement Lake Michigan College
2013 90% 9 of 10 employed within 6 months of graduation.
2014 81%

1 not actively seeking employment as a radiographer

9 of 11 employed within 6 months of graduation

2015 93%

2 not actively seeking employment as a radiographer

14 of 15 employed within 6 months of graduation

2016 100% 17 of 17 have employment in diagnostic radiology or Computed Tomography (CT) within 12 months of graduation*
2017 100% 12 of 12 have employment in diagnostic radiology or Computed Tomography (CT) within 12 months of graduation* (on another note, 8 had jobs BEFORE graduation)
5 year average 92%  

*Starting in 2014 the program will assess the job placement rate within twelve months as noted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology 2015 Standards for Radiography. (2014 Standard for Year 2014, 2015 Standard for 2015-2018)

See  -  (Standard 5.2)

Program completion rate was calculated, through 2016, by dividing the number of students who complete the program within a cohort by the number who enrolled in the cohort initially and subsequently (for example, transfer students or re-admits). 

After January 2015 the Radiologic Technology Program will calculate program completion based upon new 2015 JRCERT standards. Program completion will be defined as the number of students who complete the program within 150% of the stated program length.

Annual Completion Rate benchmark goal is 70%.

Year Annual Percent Completion Rate Number of Students
2013 65%
  • 22 entered fall 2011
  • 1 returned, upon vacancy, from a previous cohort and graduated in 2013
  • 15/23= 65%
2014 47%
  • 23 fall 2012
  • 0 returning students
  • 11/23= 47%
2015 73%
  • 22 fall 2013
  • 1 returned, upon vacancy, from a previous cohort and graduated in 2015
  • 17/22= 73%
2016 85%
  • 20 fall of 2014
  • 17/20= 85%
2017 75%
  • 16 for fall of 2015
  • 12/16 = 75%
5 year average 71%  


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