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Teacher Education Associate in Arts

Prepare our future citizens

Students wishing to pursue a career in Education will need to continue their schooling at a 4-year institution. The curriculum for students preparing to become elementary teachers varies considerably among transfer institutions.

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, you should become familiar with your chosen school’s requirements. See your Academic Advisor for assistance in developing your Student Education Plan (SEP).

LMC has developed several articulation agreements/ partnerships with colleges and universities in Teacher Education. These agreements are designed to facilitate the transfer of credits from LMC to these Colleges of Education.

Students must meet with a program advisor before their first semester for the specific requirements of the college or university they are planning to attend. In discussions with their advisor, students will determine the teaching certification/grade level they are interested in pursuing, their college selection, and an academic content major area for additional endorsements. With several course options in this program, it is important that students choose courses based on their career and transfer goals.

Talk with your program advisor and visit the website to learn about available scholarships.

General Education Requirements Credit Hours
English 101, English Composition 3
English 102, English Composition, or Communication 101, Introduction to Public Speaking 3
Humanities/ Fine Arts 6
Mathematics 3
*Natural Sciences 8
Physical Education 212, Health and Fitness, or Physical Education 214, Personal Health 3
Political Science 101, National Government, or Political Science 102, State Governments, or History 201, American History to 1865, or History 202, American History 1865 to Present 3
Social Sciences 3


Major Requirements Credit Hours
Requires at least one course in Education (EDUC) 3
General Electives 25


*From at least two academic disciplines. **Credit hours listed are based on minimum earned. For example, Mathematics courses have 3, 4, or 5 credits.

Social Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts, & Educ Dept Chair and Faculty

Education: Western Michigan University Ph.D. Behavioral Science M.A.

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