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Reinstatement to the College

If a student is dismissed or suspended from one LMC location, that individual is dismissed or suspended from all LMC locations. After one (1) calendar year the individual under dismissal or suspension may apply for reinstatement. The year starts at the time/date of official notification to the student from the Executive Dean, Student Services or his/her designee.

Prior to returning to campus, the Executive Dean, Student Services may, if deemed appropriate, require the student to be assessed by an appropriate psychological provider (e.g., licensed clinical mental health counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed social worker). The purpose of the evaluation is to assure:

1. The student is safe to return to campus and does not pose an immediate harm to him/her or others and is able to adequately care for him or herself.

2. The student is able to function both socially and academically and will not cause any disruption to the community and normal functioning functioning of the College.

The individual must begin the reinstatement appeal process by informing, in writing, the Executive Dean, Student Services or his/her designee at the campus where the suspension or dismissal took place of his/her intentions. The letter should include a description of specific goals and supportive steps that the student will implement to help reduce the risk of another episode (or conduct issues) that caused the initial suspension or dismissal from the College. The appeal will be reviewed by the Campus Student Discipline Committee, who will act on the appeal within thirty (30) days of its receipt. The recommendation of the Student Discipline Committee will be final. If the reinstatement request is denied, the student may appeal for reinstatement again after an additional five (5) years.

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