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Alumni helping Rocky on dorm move-in day

LMC Alumni

At Lake Michigan College, you're a Red Hawk for life. Our alumni are living proof that an LMC education can truly fit into any life - and make any dream a reality. We're proud to say many of our alumni are still actively engaged with the college through donations of time, money and talent. We could not continue to serve our students and the southwest Michigan community without their support, which helps us provide: 

  • Academic Excellence - Supporting specific programs allows us to invest in the latest technology for our students and training for our faculty.  

  • Arts & Entertainment - Supporting The Mendel Center helps bring high-quality entertainment to Southwest Michigan. Plus, it helps our students get hands-on experience with top-notch technology and equipment. 

  • Scholarship Assistance - Supporting scholarships ensures we're able to serve even more students of various ages and backgrounds. 

  • Student Athletics - Supporting intercollegiate athletics offers students the opportunity to compete in the MCCAA Conference and NJCAA Region 12 Division. 

Get involved in the Alumni Association  

If you're looking for an even more active role at LMC, consider getting involved in the Lake Michigan College Alumni Association. Every person that has attended LMC is automatically granted a lifetime membership in the Alumni Association.  Open to people who attended or graduated from Lake Michigan College or Benton Harbor Junior College, the Alumni Association provides an opportunity to participate in the progress of the College.  

For more information, contact Rita Whise, Manager of Advancement Programs and Stewardship, at (269) 927-6278

The Association also sponsors annual Alumni Awards given to outstanding alumni at the end of the school year. Learn more about the awards and how to nominate an alumnus.

From the President

Your Alumni Association works to encourage and maintain a lifelong relationship between the College and its alumni, promotes the accomplishments and contributions of LMC alumni, and helps to advance LMC and its students. The strength of the Alumni Association is based on the excellence and involvement of our alumni. The Board of Directors encourages you to become involved, in touch, and informed about Lake Michigan College. 

Sincerely, John Grover, President Lake Michigan College Alumni Association

Alumni Association Board of Directors

President, John Grover - 2001
Vice-President, Rich Remus - 1969


Jane Berglund-Hess, Class of 2000  
Jim Boothby, Class of 1979
Kristi Clark, Class of 2003
Pamela Gabriel, Class of 1990
Lora Heinz, Class of 1998  
Kim Landeck, Class of 1981 
Brenda Layne, Class of 1982 
Heidi Lull, Class of 1981  
Kevin Miller, Class of 2002 
Don Mitchell, Class of 1984 
Barbara Peeples, Class of 1961 
Dr. Gladys Peeples Burks, Class of 1948 
Alicia Razor, Class of 2005
Gordon Schreiber, Class of 1970 
Esther Shoemaker, Class of 1955 
Rick Smiedendorf, Class of 1977
Mary Jo Tomasini, Class of 1985 
Cathy Yates, Class of 1987